Theory Canada

Theory Canada is the annual conference organized by the DTP.

Theory CANADA celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2015. This series of meetings, held annually (except for a one-year gap) in conjunction with the CAP Congress, was launched in 2005, the inaugural meeting having been held at UBC under the auspices of the Pacific Institute for Theoretical Physics. The prime motivation behind the meeting was to bring together Canadian theorists from across the country in order to encourage an exchange of ideas and to facilitate their participation in the annual CAP Congress which would follow immediately afterwards.

There were three main aims of the proposed Theory CANADA (TC) conference. The first was to augment the number of theorists that meet annually compared to the CAP Congress alone, so that the majority of Canadian theorists from a wide range of disciplines would have a chance to meet, interact with and communicate their work to other researchers within their discipline. Secondly, the conference would provide an opportunity for communication and interaction between researchers across disciplines. Finally, in a country as large and sparsely populated as Canada, researchers outside the relatively few major centres can feel somewhat isolated, and a central forum such as this conference would help create research ties among people geographically separated from one another. As such, the conference would foster discussion in an open setting of issues that are relevant to the theoretical physics community across Canada. As a side-benefit, it was hoped that the meeting, if held in the same city as the CAP Congress or in a nearby location, would increase the number of theory participants at the CAP Congress itself, thus benefiting the entire Association.

Click here to read “Ten years of Theory CANADA” by Manu Paranjape, published in Physics in Canada, 72(3), 2016.